living fernature logo for planted furniture line by cityscapes in boston



These pieces are new, custom-made, and very unique. You will not come across them often. Show your employees and clients that your company is on the cutting edge and values the human connection to nature with an inspiring piece that is as practical as it is beautiful.


In a word, these micro-landscapes are just that. You can sit at one of these tables and get lost in the miniature world of plants and natural elements. This is a whole new way to appreciate plant life whether you are inside or out.


Not only are these pieces beautiful. They are usable. They are practical and built to be fully utilized pieces of furniture and not just sit in an untouched dining room.

No Assembly Required

The cost includes delivery and installation.  So as long as we can fit it in your space, you can just sit back and appreciate the beautiful pieces without dealing with an Ikea-like instruction manual and the fit of rage that inevitably follows.

Guaranteed Maintenance

Just like the rest of our indoor plants, we guarantee all of the plants in these pieces so long as they are under our ongoing care.  If a plant looks shabby or expires, we will replace it at no additional charge.

Low-Light Options

We offer furniture for those sunny conference rooms as well as pieces for the not so bright rooms deep within your space. Let us specify the best options for your space during a complimentary consultation.

Space Saving

Being a company in an urban area, we understand the importance of getting the most out of your available floor space. The Living Fernature™ line can be used in areas where there is no room to bring in larger scale floor plants and arrangements. With your plants built right into the furniture, you can save space and accomplish your biophilic design goals.

Gallery of Living Fernature™