Who We Are and Why We Are Here


Our mission at Cityscapes is to transform people’s lives through the power of plants.

We provide superior design, installation and maintenance of interior and exterior landscapes.  Our understanding of biophilia and the innate human emotional connection to nature guides our design process from concept through completion and beyond.


Since 1992, Cityscapes has provided fresh and distinctive interiorscape solutions to Boston’s leading hotels and corporate facilities. Our comprehensive plant services have become a respected and trusted solution for Boston’s most respected property managers, office managers, and members of the interior design, architectural, engineering and construction industries.

Our Focus
Cityscapes’ focus is on enriching your environment through biophilic design and the power of plants to make a lasting impact on everyone who enters your space.

Our Team
Recognizing that people are our most important resource, we strive to enhance each individual’s contribution to our team by creating a work environment that values collaboration, passion, pride and integrity.

As a professional services company we go the extra mile to develop and ensure our team’s dedication to our clients. In fact, the investments we make in our employees and staff sets Cityscapes apart not only in terms of quality, but in our ability to continuously evolve and serve you better over time.

Our Promise
Cityscapes prides itself on your success. We make a sincere promise to each one of our customers that you will be thrilled with the work we produce. And of course, if we do not live up to our promise, we will work with you to correct the problem until you are completely satisfied.

On behalf of the Cityscapes team, I invite you to schedule a complimentary design assessment. It will show you exactly how we can help you succeed. I look forward to meeting you soon.


Janice Goodman
President, Cityscapes Plant Care Inc.

Services Offered:

Complimentary Design Assessment

Give Cityscapes a call and have one of our designers meet you on site for a complimentary assessment.

Design and Digital Imaging

Our creative designers will go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs and create the perfect feel for each unique setting. We can even show you a photo-realistic rendering of how the installation could look upon completion.

Guaranteed Plant Maintenance

All plants we install and maintain are guaranteed to be healthy and aesthetically appealing or will be replaced at no additional cost.

Custom Flowering Plant Rotations

Cityscapes offers a wide variety of seasonal flowering plant rotations, allowing users of your space to experience the ever-changing seasons year round, inside and out.

Exterior Landscape Services

Let Cityscapes transform your building’s exterior with a landscape design that resonates and inspires.

Holiday Décor

Cityscapes will light up your holiday season with our festive trees, wreaths, garlands and arrangements, all custom designed with a theme that harmonizes with your existing space.

Living Art

Bring your lobby to life with Cityscapes elegant living art pieces. Bi-weekly or monthly rotations of unique sculptural displays and lively colorbowls will add a graceful splash of energy to your space.

Living Walls

Take your landscape to new heights with Cityscapes’ living walls. Our designers will collaborate with your team to come up with an effective and green solution to meet your needs. Whether you want to plant a vertical company logo, create a completely new natural space, or just clean the air in your workplace or home; Cityscapes’ living walls are just what you are looking for.