Biophilic Design

Vietnamese architects are embracing biophilic design incorporating greenery into their everyday building projects. The challenge of creating connections with nature in increasingly denser population centers is giving rise to plant-based innovations. These green designs are popping up in everything from retail shops to cafes and hotels.

Building planners in Vietnam recognize the importance of urban greenery as a way to boost both mental and physical wellbeing. The rapid development and expansion of its cities often left the landscape lacking in natural spaces. Young architects took notice and went to work combining biophilic design with architecture with stunning results.


Naman the Babylon Resort just outside of Danang uses a subtle approach to bringing the elements of nature to its guests. The architects introduced a textured combination of plantings among concrete louvers giving a layered wilderness aspect to the building’s facade. The green mantle provides enhanced privacy while maintaining a natural environment.

There are plants everywhere at the resort giving it the relaxing atmosphere of a tropical getaway. From balconies to bathrooms, an overflowing of greenery creates a welcome reprieve from the concrete of the city. An interesting fusion of trees and vines along the corridors offers a biophilic design well-suited to the architecture.

Atlas Hoi An Hotel was designed by renowned Vietnamese-based architects Vo Trong Nghia to fit on an odd-shaped lot in the Old Town of Hoi An. Concrete planters are built into the walls where they teem with thriving plant life. The arrangement provides a feathered shading in all the corridors as well as allowing just enough natural light to filter in keeping the spaces cool.

Draping vegetation and trees planted around the hotel’s swimming pool gives the area an exotic appearance. The architects strove for a balance between incorporating the old-fashioned character and charm of the Old Town with a modern natural vibe. The greenery manages to connect the outside world with the inside including the lower levels where the restaurant and gym are strung with a variety of hanging plants.


An’garden Cafe is a verdant sanctuary in the bustling city of Hanoi. Local designer Le House wanted to inspire passers-by to stop in for a reprieve from the capital’s hectic streets. The architects succeeded in softening the industrial aesthetic of the structure by interspersing windows with steel frames constructed to look like reaching tree branches. Randomly placed hanging potted plants complement the woodland theme.

The cafe is comprised of three levels of interesting climbing vines and random potting vessels filled with uncommon plantings. Seating is arranged around an idyllic koi pond while a huge tree soars from the bottom floor to the above levels. An’garden Cafe is a remarkable example of how innovative natural design can transform bare-bone structures into garden masterpieces.

Tropical Forest Cafe is an oasis in the heart of Hanoi with over one hundred plant species lending a greenhouse atmosphere to the comfortable venue. Tayone Design Studio uses natural raw materials including thin wooden slats on the walls to let in filtered sunlight. The cafe features lush tropical plants in whimsical pots and unusual terrarium displays.

The cafe owners also take advantage of the airy surroundings to sell succulents and outdoor plants to locals. The coffeehouse itself is a tranquil respite with an opened-glass roof and comfortable furniture scattered among the forest-like greenery. For the citizenry of Vietnam’s overcrowded cities, well-planned biophilic designs like the Tropical Forest are nothing less than a breath of welcomed fresh air.

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