Top 3 Air-Cleaning Interior Plants

Interior plants are often just the thing to make your home or office environment better. Here are some of the best plants around for cleaning the air and looking great, all without needing too much attention.

Air-Cleaning Interior Plants

1. Golden Pothos: Cleanest Air and Brightest Disposition

The Golden Pothos is an amazing plant because it’s one of the best interior plants around for cleaning the air. If your home or office is having trouble with toxins and you’re having trouble with cleaning it up any other way, getting a Pothos could be just the cure for what ails you. They have bright, golden-green leaves, and they are masters of survival and filtration.

This means that they will likely survive in the cave-like conditions of your office as long as there is some indirect sunlight or bright artificial light that filters through the mirk. Pothos plants of any variety are consistently rated as some of the best plants out there for getting rid of any kind of toxin you have indoors. They grow in a vine-like way, so you can also arrange their leaves all around your cubicle if you want.

Golden Pothos doesn’t even need water that often, you’re only going to need to keep it from getting bone-dry. They are also resistant to low temperatures so you don’t have to get into a thermostat war with your office mates.

2. Peace Lilly: Beauty and Fresh Air

These beautiful houseplants have gorgeous white flowers and are known for being masters of cleaning the air. There have been studies that indicate they get rid of all sorts of indoor pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, benzene, and even formaldehyde. They can eliminate ammonia as well.  

The Peace Lily is also very tolerant of low-light conditions, but again, make sure some light is filtering through. They thrive in bright light that’s hitting them indirectly, and they also like to be well-watered.  The only temperature concern is simply keeping it above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Be honest, if the temperature is any lower than that, you are probably getting a little chilly yourself! You can even just leave them near incandescent bulbs. If you forget to water them for a bit, just take care of it and they will recover fairly quickly. The wilting leaves will tell you that the plant is thirsty and needs more regular watering!

3. Snake Plant: Exotic Air-Cleaning Masters

The Snake Plant is definitely unique as house plants go if only for their eye-catching appearance. They have spiky green leaves that point upwards, and they look like snakes standing at attention. However, beyond their appearance, they are the undisputed champions of survival. You can neglect them for weeks and weeks and they will be totally fine.

They can handle it if you don’t give them enough water for a long time. As long as there is any sunlight at all they can usually make do, and insects find their leaves distinctly unappetizing. Snake Plants will do double duty with Peace Lilies to get rid of benzene and other nasty chemicals from the air. Just make sure you don’t water them too much, and try not to eat them. That’s about it!

Overall, if you combine these plants together, not only will you have a beautiful variety of flowers and greenery, but you’ll also be well on your way to a minty-fresh home or office space! Not only that,  but the nasty chemicals these plants snatch out of the air will never make their way into your unsuspecting lungs either. So, you’ll be healthier as well.

These three interior plants are by far some of the best when it comes to combining clean air, beautiful aesthetics, and being low-maintenance to give you peace of mind.

Overall, one thing you can do if you want plants in your office but you don’t want to worry about buying or maintaining them is to contact the Cityscapes Design team. They can find the interior plants that will be perfect for your office. Plus. they can even take care of maintaining them for you on a regular basis.


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