Whether it’s a shareholders’ meeting, training session, executive retreat, or “just” a project kickoff meeting, the planning for any company event is fundamental to its success. Before the first email is sent to invitees – and often before a venue is selected – it’s important to consider the underlying message and impression your event will deliver to attendees as well as to your broader audience. Wanna go green? Environmentally friendly corporate event planning is trending and easy with these tips.

In Environmentally-Conscious Boston, Events Go Green 

In the past few years, Boston has ranked in various city surveys (MSNConde Naste Traveler) as being one of the county’s most eco-conscious cities. More than 15% of Boston residents say they walk to work; the city government staunchly supports large-scale renewable energy projects, and the city has ranked in top 10 of sustainably-powered US cities. What else would you expect from the city that hosts the annual Greenfest?

It’s clear, then, that when you’re hosting a corporate event in or around Boston, it’s important to ensure that your plans are environmentally-friendly.

Practical Considerations for Greener Corporate Events

It’s past time to rethink the ubiquitous plastic water bottle – along with custom note pads and other things that go in the SWAG bag. (Speaking of which, you’re not going to use plastic SWAG bags, are you?) If your event planning includes take-home or promotional items for attendees, consider reusable or recycled options wherever possible. And remember, green is not only a nice color for our planet, it’s also the color of money. Translation: Your meeting communications as well as your marketing collateral should include prominent messages noting how your meeting was designed to be an environmentally-friendly affair.

In the earliest stages of environmentally friendly corporate event planning, make sure to convey to your venue contact, food vendors, and speakers that environmental considerations are important to you. Other practical tips to consider: 

  • Ahead of time – ideally, in your meeting invitation – include information on public transportation/ride sharing options and the best walking routes to your venue. If you’ll list local hotels, give preference to those that have LEED or other environmental certifications. 
  • If food for your event is locally sourced, make sure that information is noted on your menu. Are food scraps composted? Bonus points – and be sure to mention that to your attendees!
  • If your table settings include live plants, offer them to guests after the event, and have a plan to ensure any remaining plants are replanted, or otherwise responsibly reused.
  • Use pitchers of water with glass glasses or (recycled/recyclable) paper cups for guests.
  • Use environmentally-friendly bags for promotional items and source locally whenever possible.
  • Make sure recycle bins will be available and trash policies are prominently displayed near receptacles.
  • Reduce or just eliminate paper reports and marketing collateral – it’s 2019; ours a digital world!

When following up with attendees after the event, include questions in your survey to determine how important having a “green” corporate edge is to your audience. (Hint: No one will admit that it’s not important – but by including a question or two about it, you will subtly remind them of your efforts.)

Plant the Seed for Future Growth

Every corporate event, whether it’s an appeal to donors or a staff appreciation dinner party, has its own personality – along with a budget and a list of goals. Event planners need to balance all of those needs, usually under considerable time constraints. Even if you are already well underway in planning a 2019 event, it’s not too late to incorporate some green elements in your plans. 

From dazzling, eco-friendly, themed decor to ice-breaking activities, Boston CityScapes has the experience to help make your event a green success. Our talented designers can make suggestions that fit your budget and will impress your audience. See our gallery for ideas and inspiration