The days of the old plastic tree, covered in dust, drooping in the office corner are over. An eyesore at best, artificial plants and the dust they accumulate are unhealthy and downright depressing. Plants are live specimens, living in symbiosis with humans, producing oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide, purifying our air. Live greenery inside a workspace meets a basic need in humans- biophilia, or the desire to be connected to nature, while simultaneously improving their health. Equally important are the plants and natural elements you use outside of your buildings. The curb appeal of your business is so much more than an aesthetic feature. It speaks to who you are as a company- what lifestyle you promote, how you will tend to your customers, and whether you prioritize a healthy planet. Your corporate landscape is the first impression you make upon people who visit your business. Here are three corporate landscape trends for 2020 that will help you set the desired tone.


Green walls are the solution to many landscaping problems. Self-draining, with even sun exposure, and above the reach of nibbling animals, green walls are sustainable and versatile. From pocketed wall gardens, to hanging planters, to vertical planters, to cylinders, the options are endless and the results are stunning. Moss, succulents, ferns, herbs, boxwoods, vines, and flowers are all beautiful components of these wall gardens that can be grown indoors or out. Wall gardens can be the backdrop to your company’s logo, or complement a water feature. Studies show that green walls have the added benefit of noise reduction from outdoor traffic or in echo-prone walkways of your company, promoting a less stressful environment. They are incredibly eye-catching and inviting to your patrons.

Indoor living walls are one of our specialities at Cityscapes.  The design possibilities are endless and their popularity has been exploding in recent years, helping us to narrow our projects to the most efficient, cost effective and jaw-droppingly beautiful living walls.


What’s cooler than being on the roof? There is a certain appeal to this corporate landscaping trend, and scientists have uncovered multiple advantages to rooftop gardens. Sun exposure is virtually uninhibited, drainage is leveled by the solid surface, and there are far fewer critters to contend with. Greenery lends an unparalleled ambience to what can otherwise be an unattractive and unused part of a building. Hang some colorful flower pots, or install a few lemon or olive trees and a string of lights, and transform the space into something magical. Rooftops also offer additional space for gardening, when your land lot won’t accommodate it. Whether you own a restaurant, lease to tenants, or have employees, the option to grow fresh produce is increasingly in demand. A rooftop landscape offers a breath of fresh air and a serene environment, away from the noise at street level.

Cityscapes has installed plants and containers on many rooftops in and around Boston as part of our exterior landscaping division.  If turning your rooftop into a lush and beautiful oasis is something you are considering for your building, fill out this form to to learn how Cityscapes can help.


So we know we need to save water. Not only is it better for the planet, it’s better for your company’s bottom line as well. One easy way to do this is to create a landscape of drought-tolerant plants. Succulents, geraniums, lilacs, lavender, tea tree, and many more can enhance your landscape while conserving water and needing little to no maintenance. One hidden benefit to these drought lovers? They promote the feeling of escape. From the serene aroma of lavender to the desert look of a cactus, to the spring burst of a lilac, they take your mind on a mini-vacation, creating a sense of calm. Known to purify the air, increase concentration, and brighten your space in any climate, drought-tolerant plants are a wise landscaping decision.

Our executive design team has the horticultural experience needed to specify the perfect drought tolerant plants for your landscape.  Whether you have a bright interior space or a sun drenched patio, we can help you create a sustainable plant installation that will reduce your water use and carbon footprint.  Just shoot us a message.

The Take-Away

Landscape design is essential to your company’s well-being. Not only does it set the stage for who you are as an entity, but it welcomes your patrons and employees and encourages them to flourish. The right landscape says that you are inviting, meticulous, and a conscious consumer. It can make a fun statement and catch the eye of someone who would otherwise be a passerby. And it can promote the health and well-being of those who inhabit it. Take your curb appeal to the next level by creating unique, sustainable, and stunning corporate landscapes. The grass will no longer be greener on the other side.


Cityscapes offer interior and exterior landscape design and maintenance services for corporate, hospitality, and institutional properties in Metro Boston and Cambridge. 

Want to learn more about corporate landscape trends? Does your company need a full makeover? Or do you just need to spruce up the grounds?  Contact us!