People spend a considerable number of waking hours at work. While all work environments are a little different and have their own unique qualities, there is still a need for cohesion and seamless operation. It is human nature that people want to feel comfortable wherever they are for both work and leisure. Part of this comfort should be extended to the people in the workplace.

When employees begin actively working to improve their interpersonal relationships toward a collective good, productivity begins to increase. Happy employees are productive employees and that is the appeal for any manager. Brian Scudamore writes in Forbes that team building creates a trust and a more collaborative environment. The following are specific ways that team building can do wonders for staff morale and overall productivity in any workplace. 

The High Energy Keeps Building

Make no mistake, a day of team building doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If you take a full work day to plan a team-building retreat, you will definitely be jump-starting your positivity. After your retreat, the good vibes have to continue each day. Taking time to discuss the concepts and get together as a group each day for a lighter moment that is designed to focus on the group as a whole is healthy and keeps that positive energy high. Give your employees the opportunity to talk about major things happening in their lives and celebrate victories as a group. Scudamore goes on to write that if laughter is a good sign that they’re invested in the concept. 

Natural Light is a Big Plus…Naturally

Jeanne Meister wrote in the Harvard Business Review that according to one study, 47% of respondents claimed that they went home feeling tired as a result of too little natural light. Trends come and go but there seems to be no substitution for some good old fashioned sunlight. Businesses can increase employee morale and as a result get more productivity just by letting the light shine inside your workspaces. 

Increased Communication

Young Upstarts noted that when the team is working together better communication is more frequent and effective. How often does it seem that a project stalls because someone didn’t communicate in a timely manner or perhaps didn’t include all the necessary information? When the team is working well then they will communicate well. The right questions get asked and answered and thus projects keep moving smoothly and on schedule. 

Gives Courage for Creative Expression

Some of the best ideas come from some of the most unexpected places or people. Through team-building all employees have the opportunity to feel strong and like a vital part of the workplace. They will get the courage to share ideas and be creative. Your most timid employees may very well have an idea that could change the course of your company for the better. Forbes talks about using “Innovation Labs” as a way to create opportunities for staff to explore other meaningful projects that could improve productivity. 

Improved Collaboration

Don’t confuse communicating with collaborating. Susan Heathfield writes for The Balance Careers that team building activities should be related to the actual work of the team. While a positive team environment makes everyone communicate information better, it also supports working collaboratively. Team members that are comfortable with one another will be open to working as a group. Bouncing ideas off of one another and getting open and honest feedback is all a byproduct of having a strong team. 

Increased Recognition of Success

One way to make people feel most like a part of the team is perhaps the easiest to accomplish. Managers should recognize the accomplishments of the employees. Rob Danna writes for Forbes that this recognition also provides role modeling for others to see and try to make part of their own practice. Publicly recognizing amazing work and contributions at work can and will develop a sense of pride. Everyone likes to be praised and the recognition shows everyone that their good work is valued. 

Increased Pacing of Work

Productivity is about the quality and quantity of work. Sara Canaday writes for Huff Post that everyone doesn’t work at the same speed. Faster isn’t always best, but through team building and shared experiences, it can naturally increase. Pacing is a big part of productivity and should not be overlooked. Team building creates a positive vibe and high energy. When energy is high in the workplace, people begin to increase their pace and rate of work. Don’t overlook this key component because after all time is money.