We spend a huge percentage of our lives at work, and for a lot of people, the office can feel like a second home. In order to make sure that people feel comfortable, and that they can work at their full capacity, it helps to make sure the environment is just right. This is why, if you’re looking to improve everyone’s workplace experience and improve your office life, you should consider these things.

Improve Your Office Life

1. Improve Hydration

There’s a reason every office has a water cooler; because as BuzzFeed points out, hydration can have a big effect on your performance. And while providing employees with an incentive to drink water over dehydrating beverages like coffee, energy drinks, and soda can be a help, it’s important to make sure that other factors aren’t negatively impacting the environment. Dry air, for example, can lead to irritated skin and eyes, as well as general dehydration among employees. Making sure the air has the proper level of moisture can do wonders, even if it takes a little fine-tuning.

2. More Natural Light

While fluorescent lights and LEDs are great for making sure people can see what they’re doing, they don’t have the same effect on workers as natural sunlight. Not every building has floor-to-ceiling windows and huge skylights, but any attempt you can make to let in the day can have serious, positive effects on your workers. Whether it’s the Vitamin D or just the psychological effects of being able to witness the day in a normal fashion, sometimes pulling back the shades can have a surprisingly big impact on all of those trying to get their papers filed by the end of the day.

3. Eliminate as Much Clutter As You Can

The messier a workplace is, the harder it can be to get anything done. Whether it’s the wires under a desk that continually tangle up a worker’s legs and feet, or it’s a refreshment station where everything is just placed haphazardly, it can have a disorderly effect on everyone. Even taking small steps, like using cord baskets to ensure cables don’t pile up on the floor under a desk, or using an organizational try to make sure the coffee and all its accessories are neatly stored and ready for use, can make a pretty big difference in how tidy an office can feel when it comes time to get down to work.

4. Transparent Salaries

There’s a taboo around talking about how much money someone makes, but it’s becoming increasingly common for employees to demand that companies share that information. Not because they want to know details of their co-workers’ lives, but because as ThriveMap points out, that sort of transparency builds confidence and trust, while reassuring workers that everyone is being treated fairly in terms of their compensation. The harder a company tries to discourage employees from talking about their salaries, the more distrust that’s going to sow, and the more negative the environment can become.

5. Office Plants and Animals

Adding a touch of nature to the office might seem like introducing too much chaos, but it can actually be quite a boost to morale and productivity. Plants can brighten up the office, sucking in unwanted smells and replacing them with a clean scent, and fresh oxygen, for example. And keeping office dogs or cats around can provide an extra bit of companionship, and some much-needed stress relief for office workers. With that said, though, it’s important to keep in mind that people have allergies, sensitivities, and other conditions regarding both plants and animals. So make sure the program runs in such a way that those who want to participate can, but those who don’t aren’t negatively affected. Consider the positive impact of a fish tank or a living wall.

If you’re looking for more ways to improve your office life, or just need some tips on adding a touch of greenery to your office, contact the professionals at Cityscapes Boston.