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  • Woman running on an outdoor wellness track outside of a corporate building in the winter

    5 Ways to Build an Inviting Outdoor Wellness Track

    Office buildings and industrial parks are always looking for ways to make outdoor spaces more appealing to employees. Have you considered an outdoor wellness track? Time spent in nature can do everything from increasing creative thought [...]

  • High angle view of diverse group of business professionals at a corporate event enjoying appetizers and sparkling wine at new business launch party.

    7 Strategies to Plan a Successful Corporate Event

    You have been put in charge of planning the upcoming corporate event. You are excited, but also hoping that you remember to cover all of the things that need to happen to make it a [...]

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - April 13, 2019: Ton That Thiep Street with a house with vertical landscaping and a tower of Saigon Centre. Vietnam's Architects Integrate Biophilic Design

    Vietnam’s Architects Integrate Biophilic Design in Everyday Spaces

    Biophilic Design Vietnamese architects are embracing biophilic design incorporating greenery into their everyday building projects. The challenge of creating connections with nature in increasingly denser population centers is giving rise to plant-based innovations. These green [...]

  • Nurse walking through the hallway of a hospital with plants designed for biophilic design in healthcare settings

    Biophilic Design Enhances Healthcare Settings

    It's well known that humans have a preference for nature. That preference impacts our everyday decisions, whether we realize it or not. We prefer hotel rooms with a nice view of the outdoor landscape versus [...]

  • One man, successful businessman, sitting in a windowless office with indoor plants, using mobile phone and adjusting his light.

    5 Ways to Make Windowless Offices More Uplifting

    Office buildings are known to be glittering towers made of windows on every surface. But few people consider that every large tower has dozens to hundreds of interior rooms that have no window access at [...]

  • Interior plants: Golden pothos and snake plant on the white wooden table with copy space home and garden concept

    Top 3 Air-Cleaning Interior Plants

    Interior plants are often just the thing to make your home or office environment better. Here are some of the best plants around for cleaning the air and looking great, all without needing too much [...]

  • Corporate landscaping design with patio gardens and living walls

    Three Corporate Landscape Trends for 2020

    The days of the old plastic tree, covered in dust, drooping in the office corner are over. An eyesore at best, artificial plants and the dust they accumulate are unhealthy and downright depressing. Plants are [...]

  • Shot of two businesspeople working together on a laptop in an office

    5 Little Ways You Can Improve Office Life

    Your environment makes a big difference when it comes to the quality of your work. Because if you have a supportive, positive environment, then that gives you more energy to put into your work. If [...]

  • Office building with indoor plants for Biophilic design

    5 Ways to Boost Productivity at Work

    Productivity at Work Architects, office managers, property managers, business owners, and interior designers invest a lot of money in an effort to create a physical environment that motivates people to be productive. A study by [...]

  • Business people having a meeting outdoors. One of many outdoor activities with health benefits

    6 Fun Outdoor Activities With Health Benefits

    Business owners have busy lives, which sometimes make it hard to have time for outdoor activities. In fact, this practice has persisted for many years because many people believe that to climb the success ladder, [...]