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  • Cheerful young female worker raise hand asking questions coach, multiracial employees or interns gather in seminar for improve knowledge reach success in business sphere. Fun + Curiosity = Workplace Wellness

    Fun + Curiosity = Workplace Wellness

    Workplace wellness has many moving parts, all of which are important to making it work for everyone. And every individual's contribution is vital to a company's health and well-being. Fun + Curiosity = Workplace Wellness Curiosity: A strong [...]

  • Recreation area interior workspace. Loft-style room design with swings, puffs, pillows and upholstered furniture infant of a living wall.

    Outdoor Workspaces Without the Outdoors

    Plants, greenery, and access to the outdoors are well known to provide professionals health and productivity benefits. Not only are businesses seeing results from bringing plants indoors, but they are expanding this practice to craft [...]

  • Group of young business people designing a communal workspace together in modern office. Creative people with laptop, tablet, smart phone, notebook.

    Tips For Designing a Communal Workspace For The Power Team

    Companies thrive on what employees think of when they get together and build on each other's strengths. Their ability to work as a team is paramount, especially in today's environment, and that means that the [...]

  • Busy woman working on making the workplace more productive by writing down ideas at her desk in corporate building

    5 Ways To Make Your Workplace More Productive

    All workplaces care about optimizing performance and it's common to improve efficiency by relying on hacks or software options. While using time-saving tools can certainly help, the real solution for boosting productivity is cultivating the [...]

  • Focused computer monitor with blurred background of aquarium with yellow fish in white open space office interior. Improve your office like this business workspace

    5 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Office Life

    We spend a huge percentage of our lives at work, and for a lot of people, the office can feel like a second home. In order to make sure that people feel comfortable, and that [...]

  • Christmas Cactus and other indoor plants on a window sill

    6 Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants to Brighten Your Space

    Seeing fresh blossoms on a dreary day is a surefire pick-me-up that improves your mood and makes the world seem a little cheerier. Are you worried that indoor flowering plants won't survive your black thumb? [...]

  • Young woman gazing out a window with snow feeling the winter blues or feeling sad

    4 Ways to Avoid the Winter Blues

    As the weather gets dreary and the days are shorter, many people may find themselves low on motivation with a classic case of the winter blues. During these cold months, it's easy to just curl [...]

  • Business woman on a laptop in front of a living wall. Employee services and wellness concept.

    Employee Services and a Long-Lasting Wellness Infrastructure

    Employers around the world have entered a race to the top to attract and keep the best talent in their industry. As unemployment drops across the board and Millennials become the largest generation in the [...]

  • Children in an office daycare are caring for and watering living plants.

    5 Ways Living Plants Can Enhance Your Office Daycare

    Incorporating living plants into the office environment has gone far beyond a Silicon Valley trend. From the garden spheres of Amazon to the traditional desk plant, there are thousands of ways to bring living greenery [...]

  • Woman running on an outdoor wellness track outside of a corporate building in the winter

    5 Ways to Build an Inviting Outdoor Wellness Track

    Office buildings and industrial parks are always looking for ways to make outdoor spaces more appealing to employees. Have you considered an outdoor wellness track? Time spent in nature can do everything from increasing creative thought [...]