Plants, greenery, and access to the outdoors are well known to provide professionals health and productivity benefits. Not only are businesses seeing results from bringing plants indoors, but they are expanding this practice to craft beautiful outdoor workspaces for employees. Outdoor workspaces give employees a place with all the power outlets, wifi connectivity, and even ergonomic chairs they need to be productive at computer tasks while also providing all the health and psychological benefits of being outdoors.

Companies have designed everything from the simple powered picnic area to arboreally hidden workspaces with hidden swing-chairs and treehouses. The creativity and beauty put into these designs are at once both admirable and breathtaking and your brand may be eager to emulate the best of the ideas put forth in modern business biophilic design for employee work environments.

Outdoor Workspaces Without the Outdoors

However, not every business has the opportunity to build outdoor workspaces because, quite frankly, you have no access to the outdoors. Perhaps you’ve bought or leased a few floors in a towering office building with no access to the outdoors. Or perhaps your office is in the middle of a strip mall or office park where there are simply no grounds to landscape into outdoor workspaces. That’s okay.

Believe it or not, you can still emulate your favorite


Turn Your Office Floor Into an Indoor Garden

The key is to bring the outdoors in using the design principles of biophilic design. The same tricks used in landscaping to make beautiful leafy green workspaces surrounded by plantlife and shaded sunlight can be used indoors, too. You can dedicate special personal or team workspaces to arboreal design or you can transform your entire office into an indoor garden escape where your employees always feel like they are working outdoors even though there are no grounds to landscape.


Living Walls Bring the Outdoors In

Want to forget you’re inside an office building? Living walls replace panels of beige painted plaster with floor to ceiling leafy greenery bringing the illusion that you are surrounded by hedges and fluffy shrubbery instead of inside the walls of a perfectly normal office building. If you want to create a little cubby of complete greenery or replace huge swaths of your office interior with living plants, a living wall is a wonderful way to do this. Large preserved moss artwork is another smart choice for a little visual dynamism bringing the beauty of nature’s variety into the office.


Diffuse Yellow Light Simulates Afternoon Sunlight

Many offices have found that moods and productivity are both boosted by simulating natural light with LEDs and colored diffuser panels. By softening the light indoors to seem more like it is coming from a gentle skylight, your employees will feel more like they are outdoors and their spirits will often lift accordingly. Not to mention, simulating sunlight is important for your indoor plant life.


Leafy Green Plants Create Arboreal Workplace Nooks

If you want to create the illusion that your employees are working surrounded by trees and plants, then surround them with tree-like leafy greenery. A dynamic variety of plants and the comforting shadow of leaves overhead is often what is created in the outdoor biophilic designs. You can create these indoors as well with potted plants and strategically placed planters.


Run a Babbling Brook Water Feature Through the Office

Water features also have a profound effect on professionals and many people find the soft babbling sound of water flowing over river stones to be uniquely soothing. Not to mention, a beautiful addition to your indoor biophilic design. From designing troughs for water to run down in the walls and cube half-walls to creating a mini-river flowing beneath a glass floor, you can get truly creative with the beauty of water features.


Build Plants Directly Into the Furniture

You can even design plants to nestle hidden and beautiful right inside the furniture. Create desks and tables with succulents nestled in moss that employees will delight in looking at. Create benches and chairs embedded with resilient plant life and even conference tables with an entire garden built beneath the glass can truly bring the impression of a thriving garden inside your all-interior office.


Spice It Up With an Artificial Tree House and Swinging Chairs

Last but not least, if you have always wanted to give your employees the tree houses and swinging chairs of the most whimsical outdoor workplaces, you can. By building artificial tree trunks with loft spaces to work and hanging those swinging chairs in the leafy shade of your indoor plants. There is very little you can’t do inside an office that other businesses are doing with landscaping.

Bring the outdoors indoors in a whole new way by letting outdoor workspaces inspire your office’s interior design. Even if your business doesn’t have access to grounds that can be renovated into outdoor workspaces, biophilic design allows you to bring almost everything you have admired about these spaces into your all-interior office instead.