Incorporating living plants into the office environment has gone far beyond a Silicon Valley trend. From the garden spheres of Amazon to the traditional desk plant, there are thousands of ways to bring living greenery into the workplace. But as employee wellness efforts grow, so too do opportunities to discover new ways to brighten our lives with beautiful plants.

One of the best things to come out of the recent swell of wellness infrastructure is the office daycare, where parents can keep their young children nearby during the workday without worry and visit them during breaks to maintain that precious parent-child bond. Needless to say, the quality of care in your office daycare matters a great deal, and a beautiful enriching environment is far superior to a simple padded play area.

Today, we’re exploring five different ways to incorporate the beauty and learning opportunities of living plants into the daycare environment for young children.


5 Ways Living Plants Can Enhance Your Office Daycare


1. A Sheltered Arboreal Outdoor Play Area

Children need an outdoor place to play. It’s an important part of their development and most parents know that children kept inside too long may be found pining near a window for the trees outside. Every office daycare should have a magical garden escape for the young children to play in. Resplendent with safe reinforced trees to climb, garden paths to explore, and full of interesting plants to learn about.


2. Learn About the Habitats of Pet Birds, Reptiles, and Insects

In their garden, children will have the opportunity to learn about nature in all its forms. Not just the names and smells and flowers of all their plants, but also the animals that like to live in them. Birds will build nests in the bushes and little lizards will dart under the rocks. Designed correctly, children can even keep small pets in terrariums stocked with the rocks and plants from their outdoor play area as they learn how each animal likes to live and what they like to eat.


3. Fascinating “Fernature” Living Tables – Sturdy Gardens

Fernature is our special word for furniture that has been built with beautiful plants as an integral part. Some of our most child-friendly work involves hearty and vivid succulents and ferns built into the surface of the table. Your children’s play table area can not only be host to infinite play-dough sculptures and crunchy snack times, but the children will also be fascinated by the plants within as well. They can learn the names of the plants inside and watch them grow without the need to worry about watering or touching too much.

Our signature Fernature can become an unforgettable memory for children who will grow up with a life-long belief that plants can be part of every-day life. Even the tables and chairs!


4. A Garden Patch for Children to Grow Things

As children get older, they may want to grow a few things of their own. And they should! Every pre-school in the nation grows a bean in a baggie at least once, but your children can have better. Give your kids a planter or a little patch of earth full of rich black soil to plant their own flowers, vegetables, and fruits in. If the garden goes well, these projects might even turn into mother’s day gifts or snack time depending on what you choose to plant.


5. Mixed Tactile Learning From Fluffy, Smooth, and Flowering Plants


Finally, never forget that even the littlest children have something to learn from nature. Simply touching, smelling, and exploring a wide variety of plants in early life can help babies and toddlers learn. A garden or living wall can become a real-life tactile board teaching children about what fluffy plants, smooth plants, and flowers feel like up close. Let them touch the long smooth leaves of an aloe plant, or the soft silky feel of a rose petal before they are even old enough to learn the names and your children will always know and love nature as they grow older.

If your office has a daycare, or if you are running an independent daycare with room to grow (pun intended), then living designs are a wonderful way to introduce children to a life-long love of nature. Create a magical sheltered garden for them to play in. Give them the tactile learning sensations of a tiny ecosystem of plants and the delightful little creatures that like to live in them. Give children a chance to grow their own plants, and be fascinated by the incredible variety of nature. Add a biolithic design to your daycare today.