Live plants in the workplace can be a highly debated topic among many. While some may shy away from adding plants because of required maintenance, a fear that they will overwhelm the space, or anxiety about choosing the right plants, having live plants in the office may be something to reconsider.

Having plants in the workplace can offer employers, employees, customers, and clients alike a variety of benefits and advantages. Not only are they beautiful pieces of decoration, but living plants can also provide an array of physical, psychological, and environmental benefits that will you make you wonder why you haven’t added plants to your workplace already.

The Benefits of Live Office Plants

1. Design Aesthetics and Visual Appeal

Everything about nature and the world around us is beautiful, which is why live plants and flowers in any indoor space add an element of decorative beauty. Adding varying shades of greens, browns, and even other natural colors add dimension and focus to any office and provide visual appeal for anyone working or visiting the office. Plants provide workplaces with an enhanced, “put together” feel that conveys a positive message, as well as decorative focal points that can brighten up any space.

2. The Effects of Plants on Stress and Productivity

Scientific research has found a strong correlation between nature and the human brain. In fact, science tells us that plants in the workplace can reduce stress and fatigue by up to 20-30 percent. In addition, plants can help create positive work environments and create a natural, meditative atmosphere that restores positive moods and reduces mental fatigue. This helps boost the performance and productivity of the brain.

3. Creating Healthier Work Environments

The healthy effects of plants don’t just stop at the brain. One of the biggest perks of having plants in the office is the air-quality they provide. With the right amount of greenery, carbon dioxide can be reduced by up to 50 percent, while also helping to tackle bacteria, germs, and dust in the air. People who work around plants all day are less likely to suffer from skin problems, cold symptoms, and more. Many offices experience a reduction in employee absenteeism, as well as minor illnesses when the right plants are added.

4. Noise Reduction

Office spaces tend to have great acoustics, which can also mean noisy workspaces. Live plants are healthy (and affordable) options for reducing unwanted noise in the workplace. Plants have a natural ability to absorb background noises and help block distractions for employees or visitors. It also makes for a less-distracting and calm atmosphere to be in.

5. Fulfilling Biophilic Needs

Science has indicated that humans have an instinctual and physiological need for connecting to nature and other forms of life. Biophilia is a hypothesis and theory that proposes the idea that this connection is physically necessary, as well as psychologically. Since humans are instinctually connected to living things, there can be consequences when these needs are not met. People who work in an office can spend up to 90 percent of their day indoors, which makes little time for fulfilling any of these biophilic needs. Live plants and fresh greenery in a workplace can appease your desire for nature and have a strong impact on your overall wellbeing.


The benefits and advantages of having plants in the office are numerous. As a less stressful, more beautiful place to be, offices with plants send all the right messages. With the right greenery and decorative style, you can create a healthy and beautiful workspace that will have employees and visitors alike wanting to stay a bit longer.