How to Increase Efficiency and Productivity in the Workplace

A more efficient company or office simply gets more productivity and quality work done at the end of the day than an inefficient one. It doesn’t require a larger team, just better work habits.

To develop true efficiency, you must respect regulatory requirements and financial limitations without creating an unsafe workplace. OSHA checklists and the administration’s free on-site checkups help, but your soft skills as an executive and your ability to teach team members by example increase efficiency and productivity the most. You can help every person in your organization to boost efficiency. You can implement these tips and pass them along to your team. Create a formal program, if needed.

Team Member Productivity Tips

The right skills and techniques raise the efficiency and productivity of every team member. Don’t forget that the business owner and/or C-level executives count as team members, too. People will do what they see you do, not what you tell them to do, so lead by example. Here you’ll find tips to increase your efficiency and productivity.


  • Determine what you can delegate and do it. Of course, train the person in how to do it properly first, but you can boost your efficiency by assigning small, time-consuming tasks to properly trained personnel or to an automated (artificial intelligence) system.
  • Make a prioritized to-do list. Provide a sense of accomplishment by checking off items as you complete them. Set hard deadlines for each item and make yourself stick to them. Monitoring your own productivity lets you assign rote tasks or errands to times you’re usually least productive.
  • Get a good night’s sleep every night. Play with the number of hours to determine your needs. Not everyone is the same. For example, entrepreneur Elon Musk sleeps six hours per night. Some people need eight hours though. Find what works for you. Set a specific time to go to sleep each night and stick with it. Do the same with your waking time. Setting a routine for this and sticking with it lowers stress.
  • Start the day before. Layout the next morning’s clothes the night before. Make and pack your lunch the night before. You can add flow to your morning by taking care of the little things the night before.


  • Follow the two-minute rule. In small pockets of free time, if you have something you can do that literally requires two minutes or less, do it. It doesn’t matter its priority. It’s about knocking something off the to-do list.
  • Jump-start your efficiency and your body by taking a five-minute break every 90 minutes. Stand up, do some stretches, jumping jacks, go for a walk. Simply get moving. Sitting for long periods reduces the levels of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (LPL) in the body, It helps break down fat and convert it to energy. Sitting around causes fat cells to build and your energy level to decline.
  • Disconnect from social media, email and the telephone. Set a time period during each day for completing communications. Do it and then turn off your devices. If you must, set a short break time each day for checking on these items, perhaps an hour before the end of the business day. That gives you the opportunity to return calls or address problems before the close of business but ensures you don’t waste your day sucked down the rabbit hole.
  • Minimize workday interruptions. Guard your time. It equals money, self-development, and success.
  • Limit the meetings you attend to the bare minimum. If you’re the meeting organizer, hold a standing meeting. At these short meetings, everyone stands.
  • Choose snacks that give you a lasting energy boost like almonds or peanut butter. Eat an omega-rich fish for lunch. Both coffee and green tea offer health benefits plus caffeine. Try each and determine which one works better for you.
  • Spend a few minutes each day in meditation or deep thought. Five or ten minutes benefits you with clearer thinking and lower stress.


  • Monitor your own progress. Find the methods by which you get the most quality work done each day and keep at it. You can always improve efficiency and productivity though, so don’t fear trying new methods of getting more done.
  • Tweak your surroundings to boost efficiency and productivity. Use brighter light bulbs. Add your favorite color to your workspace. Organize using colored folders or bins. Dress up your workspace with a plant or two. Proper aesthetics can result in up to a 25 percent productivity boost.

Implementing these tips at the organizational level and with each team member can boost efficiency and productivity. You can get more quality work done more quickly. It just requires planning and execution.

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