Improving Office Life: How Important is Your Office Chair?

Your office chair is the key to accomplishing your goals during the workday. The perfect office chair can not only provide you a comfy spot to tackle your employer’s next challenge but, if you have the right chair you may even find yourself feeling more productive. Your chair may also be the culprit to any back pain you may experience after a long day of work. If you’ve been sitting in the wrong chair, looking at your computer screen at the wrong angle, or slouching unnaturally you’re in luck. We have some suggestions for a better office chair for your space! 

Our backs weren’t built for this

Cavemen didn’t sit in office chairs. Our backs are not designed to sit all day in a chair. Prolonged sitting can cause some seriously painful conditions, even in the best office chair. Part of the problem, of course, is the way we sit. When we slouch backward or lean forward to see our computer screens we are putting unnatural pressure on joints and ligaments. It can also put quite a bit more pressure on your spinal discs than walking or standing tends to do. One great solution to the office chair problem is to invest in a standing desk

A better chair will increase productivity

The NY Times suggests that alternating between sitting and standing is actually the best way to be productive at work. Another way is to ensure your space has positive vibes and encourages productivity with environmental elements. Incorporating live plants into your office space not only helps to purify the air around you but can lead to a more productive workday. 

Keep your chin up

Your neck needs to stay back with your shoulders. Sing it with us: “The head bone’s connected to the neck bone…the neck bone’s connected to the shoulder bone…” It’s important to try to keep your head and neck right above your shoulders. Straining forward can cause your muscles to ache after a long day. Using a computer screen that is stationed either too high or too low can also cause unwanted tension in your neck and back. Over a prolonged period of time, poor posture can cause some long term damage and increasing amounts of pain.

One solution to help with posture is to invest in posture correction tools. You can do this with a device like UprightGo which will help to correct your posture in as little as two weeks and offers real-time feedback via their app.

You can try some free software if you use a MAC computer. The free Posture Man Pat utilizes your MACs camera system to alert you if you start to slouch by dimming your computer screen. 

Or, you can also work toward improving your posture by kicking your old office chair to the curb. 

Better office chair, better office

There are so many great alternatives to a traditional office chair which can help promote better posture and less pain. From exercise balls to recliners, if you are able to swap out your ancient roller chair with something that better suits your space and leaves you feeling refreshed after a day of working your body will thank you. Besides finding a chair that makes you physically feel better, you should choose one that matches your decor and otherwise updates your space.  

Sitting all day causes more than pain

If you cannot get yourself a new seat right away, encourage yourself to get out of your seat from time to time. Take a break, use your standing desk, or go for a short walk through some nearby green space. Getting out of your chair can help you to refocus your energy, boost your mood, and eliminate some of the pain you may be experiencing. 

Your office space should work for you

If your space doesn’t make you feel productive, your furniture makes you uncomfortable or your office simply isn’t giving you the productivity you’re hoping for, it may be time for a change. Consider new furniture, like Cityscapes Living FerNature Collection or adding some more greenery in your space to inspire you. If you’re not sure you want to make a long term commitment, we have 1, 2 and 3-year office plant lease options for temporary use. Contact us today to start your design consultation. 

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