The busier our day to day lives become, the more difficult it can be to make a concerted effort to maintain our health. Being a healthy person is an evolving and self-directed process. It requires effort. When we think of health we often think of exercising, eating well and being devoid of illness but there are actually several dimensions to being a healthy being. Lifestyle experts across the globe are attesting to the positive impact of practicing mindfulness and wellness. Upon close examination, wellness, mindfulness, and health are interlinked processes with benefits that can help anyone improve their quality of life.

Let’s take a look at how practicing mindfulness can help achieve wellness. First, let’s define wellness.


Wellness is the active and multidimensional process through which people try to make better choices and build a healthier and more successful life. Wellness is directly connected to every aspect of one’s existence, from their spiritual and social health down to their physical and emotional wellbeing. Wellness requires a level of personal honesty and awareness that is not always easy. This is where mindfulness becomes key. It requires you to assess your day-to-day activities and experiences and ask yourself questions. When was the last time I exercised? Do I relax and socialize enough? What vegetables have I eaten today? Wellness is the active process of reflecting on your existence and looking for ways to improve your quality of life.


Mindfulness is defined as the basic human ability to be fully aware of the present moment. This goes beyond what one is currently doing and refers to a reflective state of being personally aware and how it correlates in the grand scheme of our personal existence. It requires honesty, kindness, and focus. Many say that mindfulness is achieved through meditation which is true but that is not the only way. Everyone has the ability to focus on the present moment, it just takes some time and effort. Paying attention, knowing one’s self and focusing on returning honestly to the present moment is the true nature of the practice. With this honest reflection, we can see who we truly are and then by extension, focus on how to achieve our true potential.

Taking Control for a Successful Existence

No matter what level of success or health a person has achieved, there is always room to grow and better one’s self. Establishing goals and following through is part of the formula for success. But within the process, it is vital not to forget one’s physical, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, financial, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Self-control and self-esteem are connected to one’s sense of personal self-worth, just as much as our personal belief systems or the relationships, we cultivate. To build a better life, as humans, we must remain productive and seek enrichment through As we age, our lives become consumed with activity and work. This can become distracting and in an effort to please those around us, we sometimes forget the importance of exercise, eating well, sleeping well or even the necessity of fun and relaxation. Mindfulness is the key to remaining in tune to all the needs a successful existence requires. And when we focus on self-improvement, our personal needs, and personal growth, that is wellness and mindfulness functioning together properly for the benefit of every aspect of our personal existence. It is truly a beautiful and inspirational thing.

By embracing mindfulness and wellness, you are ensuring not only that you are making your health a priority but you are also implanting the structure into your day-to-day life to focus on yourself and what your body needs. Making small adjustments to your daily schedule by allowing time for yoga, meditation or even a hot bath at the end of the day gives your busy mind a relaxing break and communicates that you care about yourself.