How to Take Corporate Landscaping A Step Further with Modern, Sustainable Designs

Today, modern contemporary designs include many green features, which could be continued into the design of landscaping. With corporate landscaping, there are design planning needs for landscaping inside and outside of buildings. Modern sustainable landscaping design helps to make contemporary designs stand out from the surrounding asphalt jungles of modern society. In addition, having a modern sustainable landscaping design can also help achieve green certifications for new construction and building renovations.

Sustainable Options for the Irrigation Needs of Landscaping

Today, there are many different options for irrigation systems, which can have sustainable designs. For instance, drip irrigation systems can be used to provide efficient water at the base of plants to reduce waste or high-pressure lines with micro-irrigation. Today, the options are limitless for sustainable irrigation designs that are used in corporate landscaping. Some of the options to consider for your next project include:

The right combination of sustainable irrigation systems will help reduce water consumption in areas with landscaping designs that have high water consumption.

Corporate Landscaping Sustainable Design with The Right Choice of Plants in Designs

With corporate landscaping designs, there are going to be higher water needs to care for plants and irrigate landscaping. Therefore, you want to choose a combination of plants for the design of landscaping that requires less maintenance and water. The types of plants that work well for sustainable landscaping designs include:

  • Native Plants for Outdoor Uses
  • Slower Growing Plants That Need Less Water and Trimming
  • Indoor Plants That Need Less Care for Corporate Landscaping Designs

There are many different types of plants that can be used inside and outside of buildings for commercial landscaping design. Cityscapes can help with the design and choosing the right plants for different aspects of your landscaping. It is important to have a professional landscape service help with the design, layout, and choices of plants used in landscaping to create a more durable and self-sufficient design.

Using Hardscaping to Add Green Space to The Limited Available Terrain in Corporate Landscaping

In some situations, there may be limited terrain with fertile soil to plant. This is a great opportunity to use sustainable elements like gravel or environmentally-friendly pavement for ground covering. Features like rock gardens can also be incorporated into the design of landscaping. Some of the different ways that hardscaping can be combined with plants and sustainable landscaping designs include:

  • Green Ground Coverings and Pavements
  • Interior Garden Designs and Hardscaping to Bring Nature Indoors
  • Adding Hardscaping to Indoor Corporate Landscaping Designs

With the right combination of hardscaping and plants, landscaping designs are more efficient and sustainable. The hardscaping can be combined with water features and containers to create the environment needed for a different type of planting designs in landscaping.

Recycling and Collection to Provide A Reliable Water Resource for Corporate Landscaping

With the high-water-consumption nature of corporate landscaping designs, sustainable water resources are important. The irrigation systems should include features like rainwater collection and greywater recycling for more efficient designs. Some of the ways that water can be added as a resource for irrigation systems include:

  • Rain Collection Systems for Commercial Landscaping
  • Irrigation Drainage Recycling Systems to Reduce Water Waste
  • Recycling Grey Water for Landscaping Designs

The right combination of water resources and sustainable landscaping designs will help reduce the costs of maintenance and irrigation of commercial landscaping design.

Having the right balance of natural pants and manmade structures will help give corporate building and landscaping designs a comfortable ambiance. For information on how Cityscapes can help with your landscape design, fill out this quick form or call us at 617-451-1364

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