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John Higgins: Service Manager Extraordinaire

Ladies and Gentleman, meet John Higgins, service department manager of Cambridge and the Back Bay neighborhood.  John has been with Cityscapes for over 12 years now and it is hard to tell whether he or the rest of the team here is happier about it. I mean this guy just exudes awesomeness.
John is one of the most consistently jovial employees that has ever walked through the doors at Cityscapes.  He is as enthusiastic today as he was during his first week on the job.  He joyfully sings and whistles his way through the Cityscapes offices and when he has to be quieter at our clients offices, he will lower his voice to a soft hum…and even then, you can make out his adorable Irish brogue.  Maybe the one thing more impressive than John’s constant state of elation, is his passion for plants.
When John walks through his front door after a long day of tending to all the plants and gardens under Cityscapes care, he walks directly out his back door and takes care of his own gardens for the next 8 hours.  The man does not sleep. Ever.  Plants are his life… Plants and Dunkin Donuts.  If he is not watering and pruning, or training his staff on how to properly water and prune, he can be found at the nearest Dunkin Donuts.  Personally I have never seen someone consistently eat 3 meals a day there and live this long.  It is a mystery how he does it and stays so sprightly all the time.  John knows about Dunkin Donuts locations that Dunkin Donuts doesn’t know about.
But I am not writing this to talk about Johns unique diet of muffins and Dunkaccinos.  In seriousness, John is an absolutely terrific employee and we are lucky to have held on to him as long as we have.  He is a very caring person and family man who loves spending time with his partner and his relatives both here and back in Ireland.  He is kind, loyal, funny and dedicated and as we grow as a company we can only hope to find more colleagues like John.
Thanks for all you do John, we love you.  And we hope you don’t take the Dunkin Donuts comments too seriously…It might be time for a break though. We are beginning to worry.
-The Cityscapes Team