When people think of landscape design, they tend to think of rolling lawns and English Tea gardens. These are great, of course, especially for businesses, but many work places don’t have the room to indulge in those sorts of large-scale projects. A restaurant may have only a small front patio or a small strip of sidewalk on its premises. A hotel in a big city is likely to have only their entrance to work with. However, this is not a reason for a business to completely forgo landscape design. There are many benefits to be had from small scale exterior plant installations. 


We humans are constantly bombarded with stimuli, and our brains can only deal with so much. As a result, we have to pick and choose what we pay attention to. What do we want to pay attention to? According to most studies on the subject, new things and things that surprise us. Plant installations in front of businesses tend to be unusual in urban environments and this makes them a focus of attention for people who are just walking along the street. This eye-catching helps rest the mind from whatever it was focusing on before, and this improves mental well-being.

Calming And Cheering To Customers

Flowers have been proven in multiple studies to improve the mood of everyone. In one study done on women, scientists discovered that participants immediately produced genuine smiles when flowers were presented to them, and the women reported experiencing positive feelings for 3 days afterward. Another part of the same report talks about older folks promptly feeling better when people gave them flowers. This cheering is very beneficial for everyone and everything, including your business. None of these studies were done on plant groups bigger than a pot of flowers, so you can get a lot of mood-improvement out of very small amounts of greenery. And this greater happiness spreads. Cheery customers are less likely to be snippy with employees and each other, which reduces everyone’s stress and makes your business great for the well-being of everyone involved.

Improves Employee Well-being As They Enter The Building

According to a 2015 Nature.com report, brief interactions with outside greenery has many health benefits. Brief exposure improves the attention span and memory of people, and it will reduce stress. But the boost to the mental well-being is not all that it does.

What is fascinating about the report is that it found that an increase in trees makes people see themselves as healthier. In fact, it found that adding 10 more trees to a neighborhood causes people to think that they are as healthy as someone 7 years younger than they are. The study did not specify the type of tree or size, so it’s a good assumption that a bunch of small ornamental trees in an exterior plant installation will have this effect. Your employees will feel less stress about their health if they work around a neighborhood of potted palms, and this will boost their actual health. As a bonus, you and other businesses can club together to add a few potted trees along the city block and make everyone’s workforce healthier.

Induces Prosocial Behavior

Everyone’s health and mental well-being is improved when everyone is nicer to each other. Friendly people breed positivity and the people who receive the kind gestures feel loved, which reduces stress. How might we induce more niceness? According to at least one study, flowers stimulate positive social behavior. There are other studies that suggest that spending a lot of time around plants encourages compassion. So, the addition of outdoor plants can make your waitresses feel extra caring, which will make acting friendly to your customers easier.

As you can see, adding a little bit of plant life to your business’s exterior can give your business, your employees, and your customers a boost to their health and well-being. For information on what Cityscapes can do for your building’s exterior or to set up a complimentary design assessment, click here.