Employers around the world have entered a race to the top to attract and keep the best talent in their industry. As unemployment drops across the board and Millennials become the largest generation in the workforce, employee services become the leading point of comparison. Not only because today’s top professionals demand services, but also due to the increased recent awareness of employee health, wellness, and work-life balance statistics.

Companies across the board are adding in-house clinics, healthy lunch cafes, daycares, and gyms to their facilities. There has been so much written and said about the importance and effectiveness of adding even one additional employee service venue to your workplace, but few publications get down to the real nitty-gritty. Not only do you want to provide your employees with great services that they can benefit from, but you also need investment you make in infrastructure to effectively serve your employees for years or even decades into the future. After all, what’s the point of an investment in employee wellness if it doesn’t last?

Adding New Employee Services? Here’s How to Create a Long-Lasting Wellness Infrastructure:

Building Long-Term Facility Infrastructure

The first step is to think carefully about the infrastructure you’re putting in. Building a clinic or daycare is not like constructing a new receptionist’s desk. These are serious facilities worthy of long-term infrastructure investments. If you’re altering a section of your building or constructing an extension, put some thought into truly sturdy, long-lasting, and energy-efficient building materials.

Your employees are experienced professionals and they know a quality investment when they see it. Not only will you be showing employees that you truly care about their wellbeing and the quality of their experience, you will also be investing in decades of future employee wellness with well-built and expertly designed facilities built to last.


Build Living Walls and Office Gardens

It’s long-since been proven that plantlife uplifts the morale and wellness of employees and boosts productivity over time. So when you’re planning to build new facilities for employee wellness, it’s important to consider how greenery and living plants will be included in the design. Living walls are a beautiful way to bring long-lasting plants indoors where employees can enjoy them in the office or in the clinics and cafes you are constructing. Or you can dedicate some of your renovation budget to re-landscaping some open lawn into a beautiful relaxation or outdoor workspace garden.


The Plumbing and Appliances

The biggest changes to these spaces will likely be the behind-the-wall infrastructure and appliances hooked up to the new connections. Clinics need sinks, cafes will need small commercial kitchens, and daycares benefit from a full suite of bathroom and kitchen facilities. Where you put the ports for these new plumbing and electrical lines can have a surprisingly large impact on how convenient and enjoyable to use the facilities are. Combine this with well-chosen appliances from brands known to last for decades with minimal upkeep requirements and you’ll be able to supply these employee services for longer than your young new hires will be in the workforce.


Aesthetics and Sound Proofing

Once you have the infrastructure that will last forever, put a little thought into your aesthetics and sound-proofing. Sound control is one of the most underrated and important aspects of designing additional facilities inside the workplace. You want people to be able to chat in the cafe, cough in the clinic, squee with delight in the daycare, and “Kiah” in the gym without disturbing each other or the people working hard in the offices nearby.

There are some stunning, beautiful, and hilarious options for aesthetic soundproofing that will also last for the many years you intend to keep these facilities improving the lives of employees. Use plantlife to soften sounds, sound panels, wall separators, and specially made cubicle walls to keep the noise level down while creating a visually light and airy environment.


Building Your Employee Services for the Long-Haul

Employee services are about more than winning the war for talent. They’re about more than attracting great talent or beating your competitors at employee wellness in the moment. They’re about providing long-term health and lifestyle benefits for not just the employees you’re hiring or have on staff today, but to create a standard of employee support that your brand will become known for decades into the future.