You can lighten up any room or office and make it feel fresh and lively just by adding a few plants to the area. Having plants in your office can make it feel more lively,  and by adding a few indoor plants, you can also purify the air, reduce stress, and increase your health.  This almost “office hack” often causes people to shake their heads and say that they could never because they simply have the opposite of a green thumb.

Even if you can’t create the next full garden because of a lack of space or ability to tend to the needier ones, you can still have a few plants that can give your office that much-needed uplift by adding some of these easy to manage plants. 

Three Unique and Easy to Care for Office Plants 

1. Snake Plants

Snake Plants make perfect office plants because they can remove toxins like formaldehyde and benzene (a colorless, strong-smelling chemical in various household products and a colorless highly flammable or light yellow liquid, respectively. Both chemicals are associated with increased cancer risks.) Snake Plants are one type of plants that almost seem to thrive off of neglect. Since they are susceptible to root rot, they only need to be watered once every few weeks. So you can put one on your filing cabinet, bookshelf, or wherever, forget about it, and it will still survive as normal. While they prefer areas with high levels of indirect sunlight, they can also survive in low light areas and are resistant to pests.

2. Pothos Plants

If you prefer more of an ivy plant, Pothos may be for you. Just be careful, because they are poisonous, and they can be harmful to kids and pets. Pothos have heart-shaped leaves that can be variegated in white, yellow, or a paler green, though the more green a Pothos’ leaves are, the more it can thrive in places of low light. They can grow in water or in the soil, giving them adaptability for a wide variety of environments. Though, if you start them in water, they don’t transition well to soil and vice versa. While they grow, you can prune them back, controlling their shape and giving you the option to replant the cuttings (a potential gift for your office mates, or if you want more greenery in your office!). 

3. Aglaonema

Another low light tolerant and low maintenance favorite is the Aglaonema. Known as a luck-bringer in China, it is also been shown to remove toxins and clean the air. With multiple color varieties ranging from dark green, silver, and some have hints of red and they come in different variegations, there are countless options to choose from. As a plant that doesn’t like full sun, they’re perfect for the office. As they prefer places of higher humidity, it is good to often give them a nice misting and to keep them in slightly warmer temperatures. They are the perfect addition for adding variety and color to your office. 

When Shopping at Home Depot, Look Out for These Things

Bugs, insect eggs, and larvae

Webbing or white, slow-moving specks on the plants could be a sign of spider mites, which can be easily spread to other plants. Fragile and spotted leaves can also be a sign of them. Or what appears to be small tufts of cotton might actually be mealybugs, which are also detrimental to the plant’s health. 

Leaf tipping

Leaves can tell a lot about the health of the plant. If a large portion of them are yellowed or brown, that could be a sign of overwatering or the leaves’ health could be saying that there is something within the soil or hidden within the plant that is stealing vital nutrients. 

Plants left in pots outside in the cold or in a cold warehouse

Many plants don’t like the cold, and when they’re left outside or in a warehouse in winter, it could be stunting the growth and the health of the plant. 

Moss in soil

If there is moss in the soil, that could be evidence that the plant had been overwatered, and can be susceptible to dying when it is planted. 

Regardless of your available space or plant preference, there is the perfect office plant waiting for you. If you’re not sure which one would be best, for you and your office, call Cityscapes and let the professionals help you.