Corporate brand identities and the broader image is typically born (or reborn) in the marketing realm, where positioning and messaging is developed. Marketing taglines and brand strategies are fundamental to sales and growth plans, and quite often, they are the primary focus of top execs. 

And nowhere is corporate image more visible than at your front door. But unfortunately, sometimes commercial landscapes aim too low, presenting a generic image that fails to support your company’s message, brand, and unique character. 

Professional landscape designers bring many disciplines and talents together to ensure that what visitors, employees, and other stakeholders see on your corporate landscape reflects the company image you have worked so hard to build. 

Does Your Corporate Landscape Design Reflect Your Company Image and Values? 

Landscape professionals always consider how humans – your employees, vendors and customers – interact with the outside environment. If your corporate entrance is welcoming and reflects your company values, that will reinforce your brand message and form a lasting, positive impression. Likewise, a corporate landscape (inside or out) can detract or distract visitors and employees from buying in to your company message and values. 

If eco-friendly initiatives feature prominently in your marketing plans, for example, you certainly don’t want to stock the employee break room with styrofoam cups and plastic utensils that are bound for the landfill. Likewise, your corporate landscape should echo your company’s environmental responsibility by featuring native plantings and naturalized areas. 

But how will that look? If you work with landscape designers who have experience in corporate landscape design, the answer is “great.” Their job is to help you reinforce your marketing message and support the corporate image you want to convey. And, thanks to growing interest in more ecologically responsible office design, those landscape professionals have gotten a lot of help from improved growing techniques and design innovations. Today, green roofs, living walls, improvements to or remediation of polluted areas, and water-smart landscaping are proving both environmentally-friendly and corporate-chic. 

Designing a Corporate Landscape to Support Your Human Resources 

Bringing natural elements to indoor office spaces has been shown to improve employee moods, productivity, and job satisfaction ratings and to reduce employee absences. What’s not to love, right? 

Incorporating living walls, creating green spaces indoors, or just making sure there’s a plant on every desk may sound like a big undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Just like any project that is intended to benefit your employees, however, it’s best to start with a thoughtful plan. Many landscape and interior designers recommend introducing plants and other green elements through small, incremental changes. A plan designed specifically for your company will result in maximum improvements with minimal disruption during installation. Also, having a plan created specifically for your office space will ensure you know ahead of time what to expect in terms of ongoing maintenance. 

Practical Considerations: Privacy, Safety and Security

Well-planned vegetation, water features and lighting obviously go a long way to enhancing the aesthetics as well as the safety of your landscape. In dry or very dense or developed areas, landscaping can be used as a fire-suppressant. At building entrances and in parking lots, lighting improves visibility and therefore, safety. Talented landscape designers can even create a visually appealing feature to beautify less attractive security features like fences and entry gates, and to draw attention away from others you’d prefer to be less noticeable (like observation cameras). 

Inside, adding natural elements to your office space can dampen sounds and create more private, comfortable work areas – especially in the increasingly familiar (but not universally loved) open office design. 

Think about it this way: taking the time to create a plan that will improve employee productivity, reduce energy costs, and provide visual elements that support your company’s marketing message sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) refers to it as “Designing Awesome.” 

If you’re considering how your exterior landscaping might better support your corporate image – and your employees – contact us for a design consultation