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Covering the ever-growing popularity of interior plants and integrating nature into our lives, Chronicle will be featuring Cityscapes on Monday, April 9th at 7:30 pm on channel 5!

Incorporating plants into architecture and design is not just trending, it is here to stay.  As companies like Amazon and their Seattle Spheres are embracing this human connection to nature, we can expect to see more plants and gardens, inside and out.  We hope that this episode of Chronicle helps more people embrace this idea.

Cityscapes has not just been a cheerleader for the concept of biophilia, but a big player in the city of Boston and nationwide.  Our living walls and plantings continue to occupy some of the newest and most well-designed interior and exterior spaces.

At Cityscapes, we love bringing the biophilia connection to the attention of designers, architects, business owners, office managers, property managers, and developers.  We want to see the integration of plants into new lobbies and cutting-edge office spaces, even if we aren’t awarded the contracts.

Not only do we love bringing green into corporate and commercial spaces, but we love sharing this concept with the community.  We partner with shelters, schools, and non-profit organizations to help the community’s youth understand the importance of plants in their lives and in their futures.  Helping to educate these young people and keep them off the streets with these activities is an incredibly rewarding experience for our team.

We are looking forward to a beautiful spring and summer full of gorgeous landscapes as well as continuing to beautify interiors in and around Boston!  A special thanks to Chronicle for helping to bring our message to the public and to all of our amazing clients for allowing us the opportunity to work with them to achieve their goals.