Cityscapes Inc celebrated their 20th anniversary this past weekend with a cookout at President Janice Goodman’s house. The guests included all Cityscapes employees, friends, and family. The party also featured a reggae band “Classic Vibe”. Cityscapes has a bright future ahead of its self and all the employees are very excited to see what is to come. Here’s to 20 More!!!

Pictured: Jason Cupp, Cityscapes Employees Suzanne Marchand and Jessica Mccabe with her son William and boyfriend Dave.

Cityscapes Employees Brent Mckinnon and Justin Taymore with his with Maria.

Pictured: Jan, Mary, Charles,Amy, Liz, and Marilda

Pictured: The Reggae Band “Classic Vibe”


Pictured: Cityscapes’ Alyce Crowley and friends