Office buildings and industrial parks are always looking for ways to make outdoor spaces more appealing to employees. Have you considered an outdoor wellness track? Time spent in nature can do everything from increasing creative thought to reducing the number of sick days needed per year.

This is why one of the best ways to get your employees outdoors and enjoying the facility grounds is to build an outdoor wellness track around the building or through the green sections of your industrial park. A wellness track can include a path for walking and jogging and enjoyable features along the way. But the best way to get your employees to change their ways and start using the wellness track is to make it beautiful, innovative, and truly rewarding to explore.

5 Ways to Build an Inviting Outdoor Wellness Track

Today, we’re here to share five great ideas to make your outdoor wellness track more inviting to staff and team members.


1. Make Your Grounds an Arboreal Escape

The first step is to build up your landscaping beyond flat green vistas and the occasional picnic table. If you really want employees to take a step outside and breathe a big relaxed breath of fresh air, then it’s important to make your outdoor areas beautiful. The best way to do this is to create an arboreal paradise, an escape from the all-too-common views of roads and plain brick office buildings

For this, you need dynamic greenery and defined borders. Fluffy bushes, flowering trees, and babbling water features combined with attractive privacy fencing can give your employees the impression that your grounds are a natural oasis where they truly can escape from the stress of the office lifestyle. The more beautiful and isolated your gardened grounds feel, the more relaxing they will be.


2. Provide Strategically Bug-Free Outdoor Lunch Spots

Lunchtime is the perfect time for employees to enjoy your grounds and take advantage of outdoor wellness features. Flowering plants and shady greenery are a great place to start, but few people are going to actually take their lunch outside unless there are also welcoming tables that are ever-so-subtly free of the usual regional insects.

Planting beds of garlic and rosemary can help to keep insects at bay, as can strategically placed traps and citronella diffusers set around the areas where you expect employees to spend the most time. These will keep the flying insects away, and regularly applying a line of chalk around the picnic pavement can actually stop invading ants in their tracks. Your employees may never even notice why lunchtime picnics are so much more pleasant at work than at the local park.


3. Create Interactive Workout Stations Along the Wellness Track

If you want to encourage and reward employees to take power walks and jogs around the wellness track, then work those rewards into the track itself. Workout stations much like you see on park or gym tracks can give your employees something to do and digital wellness features that actually count reps and track employee fitness achievements maybe even more motivating for your workout enthusiast staff members.

In fact, the opportunity to earn points and wellness recognition is enough to encourage even a few not-so-motivated employees to walk the track and touch each interactive workstation which will get their blood pumping and improve afternoon performance.


4. Design Your Landscaping to Attract Birds and Butterflies

To add an extra element of delight to your facility’s outdoor areas, talk to your landscaper about the types of plants that are most likely to draw in delightful wildlife. Hummingbirds and nesting birds and butterflies are all creatures that employees would love to see both out their windows and surrounding them when they walk your facility garden path.

There are certain flowering and fragrant plants that are beloved by hummingbirds and butterflies, while nesting birds tend to migrate toward berries, seeding plants, and fruits that they can enjoy throughout the seasons.


5. Make Sure Your Wifi Signal Reaches the Outdoor Areas

Finally, working outdoors has been found to be beneficial for employee health, productivity, and long-term job satisfaction. And the best way to make that happen and make the most of any outdoor workspaces you have crafted is to ensure that the wifi reaches. One of the most common mistakes that employers make when trying to incorporate outdoor employee wellness is a wifi signal that doesn’t effectively reach beyond the building walls.

In fact, it might be worth your while to install a few repeaters or hotspots in the areas where you want to most encourage outdoor work. This way, your employees can stretch out on the grass, take advantage of your swinging chairs, or set up in cozy outdoor work nooks and work just as quickly as they would inside the office.