8 Tips To Improve Office Life

Employees are one of the most crucial elements of a business. They are the primary driving force for the company’s success. Therefore, learning to better improve office life by optimizing productivity and maximizing the work efficiency, goes a long way in determining whether or not your goals as a company are achieved.

However, with the ever-present pressures that lead to an increase in stress and anxiety levels, productivity, and efficiency can be challenging to maintain. There is good news though. Studies have shown that a simple tweak of the working environment can significantly reduce your employees’ stress and anxiety levels, making it easier for them to focus on their tasks and responsibilities.

An employee’s ability to remain focused, productive, and happy depends on how comfortable they feel. This article looks at a few changes you should consider making to improve office life;

1. Make the space more personal

Allowing the staff members to personalize their workspace by placing familiar objects around increases their connection to the environment and the work as well. When an employee feels alienated, he or she is less likely to commit fully to his or her responsibilities. Allowing them to add a personal touch to their desks such as a family portrait or a screensaver of their choice will be sure to make the environment more relatable to them.

2. Keep the work environment clean

According to Which? Magazine, a keyboard could hold more bacteria than a toilet seat. Employees getting sick will always negatively affect productivity. Your employees’ health is vital to maintaining a positive working environment. To prevent them from becoming ill, it is essential that you keep the workspace as clean as possible.

3. Maintain pleasant scents

Studies have shown that certain scents can change our moods and emotions. Consider introducing an air freshener to keep the office smelling clean and fresh. Alternatively, plants have been proven to create a positive environment by refreshing the air and improve creativity and problem-solving skills. Therefore, adding plants flowers not only brings about a sweet scent while making the office more attractive and aesthetically pleasing but also boosts productivity in the process.

4. Add more natural light

Fluorescent lights can often make employees feel trapped while making the office stuffy. According to studies, natural lighting, on the other hand, has positive effects on mood, improves health, and promotes productivity. It can even affect sleep patterns. Consider opening up the windows to let more natural light in; it can brighten up the room, and moods too.

5. Add plants to your office

Plants do not only improve the outlook of your office, but also make it healthy for long hours of work. A study done by the University of Technology in Sydney found that having plants in the office reduces the stress levels of employees. The study showed that having plants in the office reduces depression, anxiety, aggression, and hostility among employees. Hence a better workspace for every worker to thrive. 

Also, introducing plants in the office increases productivity. According to research done by the University of Exeter, introducing plants in the office boosts productivity by 15%. Due to the many benefits of interior plants, Cityscapes Inc is dedicated to providing the most beneficial office plants to make your workplace healthier, reduce stress, and improve your employees’ productivity. Contact them to enjoy biophilic design, and all the health benefits it begets. 

6. Keep a well-balanced temperature

How hot or cold an office is should never be overlooked. Being aware of how comfortable your employees are as their work is vital. Invest in an air conditioner that keeps the office nice and warm during cold winters. For those hot summer days, keep the windows wide open.

7. Room Color

The colors around evoke both emotional and physical responses. Therefore, choosing the right colors for the office will affect productivity; blue, for instance, has been shown to boost productivity levels. It is important to remember that too much of something is poisonous; striking the right balance, on the other hand, results in your desired outcomes.

8. Minimize noise levels

While noise can be difficult to manage especially if you have a large team to work with, it still has a role to play. A work environment with a lot of noise is not only unpleasant to work in, but it also makes it much harder to focus and pay attention. High noise levels also raise stress and anxiety, making it even more difficult for you and your employees to sustain productivity.

The space you work in has a lot of bearing on the quality of work you produce. Consider making these changes to not only improve office life but increase productivity, employee morale and well being. Talk to us today.

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  1. Vicky Peat January 27, 2020 at 1:29 pm - Reply

    A great article of ways to improve the office. Adding plants and natural light have fantastic benefits on the office and have been said to have health benefits which is fantastic.

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