5 Ways to Boost Productivity at Work

Productivity at Work

Architects, office managers, property managers, business owners, and interior designers invest a lot of money in an effort to create a physical environment that motivates people to be productive. A study by Harvard established that having plants in buildings goes a long way in enhancing occupants’ productivity. Here’s how you can enhance productivity at work.

1. Provide an Oasis

Urban areas are growing so fast to the extent that people are deprived of access to greenery. Plants increase indoor air quality, thus affecting health and performance directly. In a work environment, for instance, plants boost air quality, employee engagement, and concentration levels. The performance of individuals who work in green offices is more than that of individuals who work in a regular office.

2. Reduce Noise Levels

If peace enhances your productivity, you will love having plants at your workplace. Plants do not offer insulation against noise. Instead, they minimize the detrimental effects of background noise, including idle office chit-chat. This, in turn, improves your productivity.

Small plant pots are ideally suitable for desks and tabletops, while large plants should be positioned along the edges and in the corners of the office. If you have adequate room, you can install a floral centerpiece.

3. Minimize Air Pollution

Contrary to what you may believe, air pollution is higher within buildings than outside. A reduction in indoor air quality affects health and performance directly. Whether you are too stressed or burnt out to function optimally, indoor plants can help you rejuvenate. During the day, plants release oxygen, thus increasing oxygen to carbon dioxide ratios. The reduction of volatile organic compounds has a positive impact on both your physical and mental health.

4. Boost Creativity

Creativity boosts workplace productivity. Having plants in buildings shifts your brain into an optimum processing mode that makes you more relaxed. It also boosts your concentration, thus promoting your creativity and efficiency. Co-existing with greenery enables building occupants to undertake daily tasks with more accuracy. Likewise, attention and memory span can improve by up to 20% in buildings.

5. Uplift Your Moods

The interiors of most buildings are stripped of a connection to the natural world. Occupants of such buildings are likely to have a dampened mood. Adding some greenery within buildings has tremendous benefits. Occupants are likely to be happier and more effective at whatever tasks they perform. Your moods are likely to be more elevated in settings that have natural elements such as plants. Similarly, the perceived attractiveness of indoor plants has a stress-reducing effect.

A significant number of working-class Americans spend up to 80% of their time indoors. Most of this time is spent in offices, which are inundated by volatile organic compounds that come from furnishings and electronics, and even building materials. Even on low concentration, these compounds result in a condition known as “sick building syndrome,” which affects occupants’ health and productivity. Plants reduce harmful toxins within confined spaces, thus purifying the air.

When it comes to improving productivity at work with the help of plants, not all plant species work effectively since some are better performers. Recent research identified five indoor plant species that are effective as far as removing carbon dioxide from the air is concerned. This includes plants such as peace lilies and the snake plant, which have large leaves.

There’s no better way of improving your general well-being than having a connection to nature. Plants have the power of transforming lives, uplifting moods, and enhancing productivity at work. If you wish to introduce nature to your interior office spaces, look no further than Cityscapes Boston. We are the go-to designers of beautiful outdoor and interior landscapes, and we serve clients throughout Greater Boston and surrounding areas.

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