5 Proven Ways To Improve Employee Productivity

The greatest asset any company can have is its workforce. Employees are responsible for driving the company’s goal and vision forward. Therefore, improving employee productivity and keeping them motivated is vital for the success of the company.

When an employee is motivated, he goes the extra mile. So as an employer, you need to create an enabling environment for employees so that they can motivate themselves to work. While most employees are motivated by their career goals and can thrive on their ‘internal’ motivation, you need to fuel their passion and grease their joints!

1. Train your employees

Motivation might come from within, but how are your employees going to work at their peak when they don’t know how to improve their productivity? In your next round table meeting with your employees, teach them these tips, that they can use to improve their productivity at a personal level. Tell them to;

  • Avoid multitasking

Earl K. Miller, a neuroscience professor, says that multitasking isn’t humanly possible. An employee might be tempted to handle a few tasks simultaneously, but it doesn’t work. Focusing on one task allows the employee to complete it faster and move on to the next one.

  •  Take breaks

Reports from studies have shown that taking regular breaks boosts your mood and helps improve concentration.

  •  Manage goals and tasks

Attempt breaking up big projects into smaller, more manageable tasks; work on daunting tasks during your most productive time of day.

  •  Implement the ‘two-minute rule.’

The two-minute rule is based on the idea that any habit or goal can be started in less than two minutes. Improve efficiency by occupying your small windows with actual tasks.

  • Engage your five senses

Engaging the five senses is vital for productivity. Different colors have different effects on work productivity. Brighter colors are more conducive to higher focus and more accuracy while blue promotes mental clarity and creative thinking.

A recent study showed that hearing a person talking while you’re writing or reading could lead to a 66 percent drop in productivity. Also, certain materials are associated with warm feelings while others tend to convey coldness and sterility.

Smell is arguably the most indirectly powerful sense since the olfactory bulb is part of the limbic system which is the brain’s memory center.

2. Have a reward system

Putting in place a support and reward system, providing insights and encouraging collaboration can also go a long way in improving employee productivity. Also, having a pleasant working environment aids them further. Studies have shown that particular working environments have been proven to make employees more productive.

3. Add More Natural Light

Natural light has been proven to have a phenomenal effect on employee productivity. It is easier for employees to think creatively and be more productive when working in a space that has lots of daylight. Eco-Business published research showing that workspaces with enough sunlight had an uplift of up to 40% in productivity. Natural light also has an impact on their mental health. Research shows natural light helps people become less susceptible to stress.

4. Try Different Workplace Design

More and more offices are being designed with color in mind. Various studies have gone into showing the effect color has on employee productivity in the office. For example, an infographic by Taskworld showed natural colors are more appropriate for long hours of creativity.  You can also soften the office by implementing the use of hand-made fabrics.

Further studies have found that employees tend to be more productive when sat next to those with complementary work styles. Making the staff feel more at home is also recommended.

5. Add Plants

We have a desire to connect with nature. This is what scientists call biophilia. A productivity study by Washington State University showed that when plants were in the room, people responded 12% faster on computer tasks.

In 2010, a study by the University of Technology, Sydney, found stress reductions in workers when plants were added. The University of Exeter showed a 15% productivity jump while another report found that employees scored 15% higher for creativity.

Do not let a dull, cramped workplace affect employee productivity. Get in touch with us today and find out how much of an impact a well-designed work environment can make.

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