When you spend a majority of your time at your desk, it helps to add a few personal touches. That’s why so many of us have pictures of our families, a funny calendar, or even a little plastic lizard who hangs out on top of our computers. But if you really want to brighten up your work space then it’s a good idea to bring a friend with you. Someone who has to live the same shifts you do, and who is there to help bolster you through the tough days with their silent support. Someone who can give you a breath of fresh air when you really need it.

In other words, your desk should have a little green companion.

If you’ve thought about getting a desk plant, but you just don’t know where to start, then some of these interior plants might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Plant #1: Miniature Succulents

Succulents are extremely popular interior plants among forgetful gardeners, as they can survive and thrive with relatively minimal work on the part of the person taking care of them. Miniature succulents are no different, except for their diminutive size which allows them to sit on the corner of your desk. As long as you remember to water them, and get them plenty of sunlight, Small Biz Trends says these are an ideal way to brighten up your workplace.

Plant #2: Aloe Vera

If you’re one of those rare workers blessed with a window (or you’ve got plenty of natural light that lingers near your desk), then you should consider an aloe vera plant according to Save on Energy. Great at eliminating toxins from the air, but also useful for helping you moisturize your skin if you plan on squeezing out some of the gel it naturally produces, they suck up a lot of light. Other than that, they’re easy to care for, and make fine companions.

Plant #3: Snake Plant

A plant that has sharp edges, and it a serpentine green, a snake plants makes a lovely accent to most work spaces. What’s even better about it, though, is that is sucks carbon dioxide out of the air, and it doesn’t need that much in the way of sun or water in order to thrive. In fact, you only need to water it once every few weeks; if you do it much more often than that, you’ll actually hurt its growth rather than helping!

Plant #4: Prickly Pear

While this cactus can grow to frankly huge size in the wild, prickly pear can be potted and kept relatively small as well. And, as SFGate points out, it’s fairly easy to take care of as interior plants go. While the plant is going to need a lot of sun (it can suck up as much as you can give it), it is often comfortable at a wide range of temperatures, and it doesn’t need water very often. And when you’re talking about a smaller pot of prickly pear, it gets even easier to manage than the larger patches one might have in a garden.

Plant #5: Bamboo

Any desk plant is going to help brighten up your workspace, and it’s going to give you a living, breathing friend to share the work day with. But an arrangement of bamboo just might bring you a bit of luck, as well! As Boldsky points out, bamboo is supposed to be a lucky plant to have around, and if you need a little bit of good fortune, it’s probably going to be while you’re sitting at your desk. On top of that, though, it’s really easy to keep happy, as far as interior plants go.